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Design Momentum By Michael Essany

Without consistent effort, there can be no consistent growth.

Inconsistency is the biggest impediment to progress in print-on-demand. I'm talking about skipping daily uploads, skimping on originality, losing motivation, overthinking ideas, failing to expand into new niches, and not considering both audience and aesthetic diversity.

Merch Momentum's new "Design Momentum" service is the key to overcoming these challenges, offering everything you need to stay consistent, creative, and keep climbing the mountain toward your highest POD goals.

Open to just a few people and beginning next week, you will receive:

1. Exclusive Ready-to-Upload Niche T-Shirt Bundles Every Monday Through Friday

  • Approximately 100 t-shirts every month across a broad expanse of evergreen and seasonal niches, aesthetics, and diverse target audiences.
  • Note: Every single design concept and tshirt message is personally created by me as though I'm designing for my own catalog.

2. Supporting Niche Graphics Bundles

  • In addition to your ready-to-upload designs, you'll also receive (every single weekday) a rich assortment of standalone niche graphics (20-50 individual pieces Monday through Friday).
  • These graphics accompany your t-shirt designs (in the same niche) to help you create your own t-shirts.

3. Comprehensive Niche Strategy Guides with Messaging and Design Leads

  • A detailed guide to using the graphics I've created for you.
  • Includes dozens of messaging and visual suggestions to help you focus on your target audience and expand your reach even further than you could have ever imagined.

4. Private Niche-Specific ChatGPT Assistants

  • A first-of-its-kind offering for a graphics service.
  • Every weekday, you'll receive a new personal AI assistant trained on each day's niche and graphics. This gives you an AI resource of unparalleled proportions to maximize your design and creative potential in every niche that Design Momentum tackles.

It goes without saying that these slots will fill up fast. I hope you will give Design Momentum a try and take your POD business to a new level of consistent creative output, growth, and earnings.

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Design Momentum By Michael Essany